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Advantages of choosing a round table for your dining room

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Jul 22 2022

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 Looking to change the style of your dining room? It does not matter if it is big or small, without a doubt what you need is a round table and the reasons why we will give it to you in this article. Once you finish reading it you will understand what advantages are achieved by buying a round table for your dining room.

    Solid oak wood extendable dining table

 Nordicstory round dining table Scandi 6 

Apart from other obvious advantages such as the fact that they do not have dangerous corners or edges that could harm careless people or the fact of sitting with their legs between their legs, round tables, among other things, are a great bet for optimizing spaces and providing a great visual finish in your dining room.

Why choose a round table? What advantages does it have?

They fit very well in corners

This is because they are not conditioned by straight lines or corners, in addition, by breaking with the paradigm of angles, it offers greater balance and harmony to the place. On the other hand, you can take advantage of this corner to put another chair without imprisoning the person. Unlike square models, round tables allow you to place chairs along the circumference.

They don't need to have so many legs

You can buy round tables with a center foot, this will be the big difference in whether you sit comfortably or have an annoying leg preventing you from moving your feet. In addition, it makes the space much lighter and prevents it from being visually overloaded, if you add a glass countertop to that, the finish will be spectacular.

                   Raund oak solid wood dining table

They take up less space compared to a square

Not satisfied with being very functional tables, they are one of the best for saving space in the dining room, especially if it is small. And, although nominally they can occupy the same area as a square table, their proportions allow them to leave free space around them so that you can place the chairs with ease and move comfortably.

Incredible visual appearance

By acquiring a round table for your dining room, you not only save space and money, but you also avoid overloading the space by distributing the visual focus in such a way that it allows you to turn small rooms into very cozy and intimate spaces. Ideal to share a good coffee, food or simple chats between friends.

They can be adapted to any situation

If you choose the model well, you can even buy round tables with expandability so that you are not limited to just one shape or a certain number of seats. In fact, for a little more budget you can get round tables with a central opening or lateral wings that will give you an additional 4 or 6 seats. You will only have to expand it when visitors come and close them when they leave. At Roble Store we have several extendable models, check this link.

     Solid oak extendable dining table "Moby"

                        Solid wood extendable table "Moby"

Share the spotlight and encourage sharing

By having a round shape, none of the diners presides over the meal or conversation, therefore, it distributes relevance among people very well and invites them to talk away from any external distractions. Everyone will be able to see each other's faces and focus on the people around them, basically, it creates a much more private and warm environment to share.

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